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The real Peru lies within its warm, proud inhabitants

A megadiverse country of wonders and possessor of an ancient legacy and past. It is said that there is a Peru for every person

Arantec Travel - Tailor-made tours to Peru

Machu Picchu Private Guided Tour

There’s no better way to experience Machu Picchu, a New7Wonder of the World and iconic Inca citadel, than on a private tour from Aguas Calientes.

All Inclusive Guided Jungle Tour

Nestled within the Peruvian rain forest, the Maniti Eco-Lodge offers an ideal base for jungle exploration. During this tour, follow the Rio Nanay into the Amazon and enjoy an immersive experience in jungle life.

Lima City Sightseeing Tour

Discover the charm of historic and modern attractions found in the Peruvian city of Lima during this sightseeing tour.

Chan Chan

The ancient gateway to the arid desert lands of the Moche Valley is now one of the fascinating pre-Columbian dig sites in all of Peru (and that’s saying something!).


Trujillo is the largest city in Peru’s Moche Valley. Once trodden by the Spanish conquistadores, it still oozes a colonial charm from each of its marble plazas and technicolour churches.


Fringed by swathes of montane jungle and blooming with its own resident population of palm trees, the so-called ‘City of Palms’ is a great place to sample real, raw Peruvian life right on the edge of the Andes.

Small Tips for Peru Travellers

Visit the local markets

This is a great tip for not only saving money while travelling, but also experiencing the real culture, and feeling the pulse of the city or town that you are in.

Take advantage of the free walking tours in each city

Most of the larger cities, and a couple of the smaller ones have great free walking tours available.

Do your research

Make sure that you don’t miss anything that you want to see! Peru is full of treks, hikes, archaeological sites, indigenous cultures, beaches and food.

Madlyn Bray,
Co-Founder of Arantec Travel